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   Thank you for your interest in Lattice Electro Optics Inc.(LEO).

   It is our motto that attention to the detail is critical in assuring quality products, crafted with precision to match your specifications in timely manner.


      Quality products


      Quick turnaround of the most demanding coatings in a day


      Quantity production for OEM


   Our thin film coating department is equipped with state-of-the art instruments and software to ensure you the best possible coatings.


  Also, an addition of Ion Assisted Deposition (IAD) system has increased a flexibility of its coating design capability beyond the limit of more popular Reactive Electron Beam Deposition (REBD) systems, with low heat, superb adhesion, & environmental stability.


  This website contains thousands of quality products from Excimer and YAG to CO2 laser applications. LEO produces them in its own facilities, and this give us complete control over three Q's (Quality, Quick turnaround & Quantity).


  Custom optics is routinely shipped in twenty-four hours after receipt of order with specially designed coating on our stock substrates.


  LEO's seasoned application engineers are always available to help you until a final solution is found. Please do not hesitate to contact us any time.


  We value your business and appreciate that you have considered LEO as your complete optical components provider.


Best Regards,

Sung-Ho Kim


Scott Kim, Ph.D.

President & CEO